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What is snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a winter sport with a broad board, bindings fixed in diagonal direction, i.e. the toes point at the steel edges (which is different from monoskis and squales where the toes point to the front).

Snowboarding is the trend sport of the Nineties. Though in the beginning of the decade there was nearly no snowboard on the slopes, now there are more than 10 million snowboarders worldwide. 80% of the young persons decide they want to snowboard when they start with wintersports. Soon, little kids will ask their grannies: "Tell me, why did you saw your snowboard in two parts when you were young?"
The history of snowboarding began in 1965 when young surf freak Sherman Poppen invented the so called snurfer (snow-surfer) as a toy for his daughter. It was 1,20 m long and looked like a banana. Instead of a binding, it had a control leash. The snurfer cost $ 15 and was sold in toy stores. In the USA, more than one million snurfers went over the counter.

After some years, the snurfer disappeared. Only some freaks continued to snurf and to experiment to improve the snurfer. Jake Burton, a student, Tom Sims and others invented foot straps for better control and fins for better stability. At the end of the Seventies, the snowboard was born: it was a flexible wood board with a water ski binding and cost $ 38.
history Soon, the first snowboards found their way to Europe, and evolution accelerated. Steel edges and highback bindings were invented. In 1987, the first snowboard world championships took place in St. Moritz and Livigno. Snowboarders from all over the world came - it was the birth of a new sport. A revolution in winter sports, a celebration of freedom. Throughout the following years, different disciplines like halfpipe, boardercross or duel slalom developed. And since 1998, snowboarding is even an olympic sport.

Piste, powder or pipe - boarders love full speed, fun and freedom.


Many different kinds of contests have been established in snowboarding. Most common are the contests run on the world cup tours of ISF or FIS: giant slalom, duel and halfpipe. There's also the boardercross series where several riders start at the same time into an obstacle run, and there are different big air contests with Innsbruck's Air&Style as the best known. Also some city events with jump contests like Soul City Vienna on New Year's Eve are regular now.