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 Neurope Tower


Join the European citizens building their NEUROPE TOWER. This virtual building offers free chambers to everybody who wants to be close to the European Parliament and get in contact not only with the official representatives of the European community, but also with the individuals who form this society. The virtual rooms are situated in the tower, 10 meters above the building of the European Parliament, Strasbourg. The NEUROPE TOWER is a work in process, growing day by day, flat by flat, floor by floor. Get yourself a special room for your own. The process of building is starting. Rooms will be available soon.

The NEUROPE TOWER is a media art project by ultimedia artist Hermann Josef Hack, Germany.

Everybody is welcome here to stay who accepts the law of respect and tolerance of each other.

If you want to visit a similar community, come and see the Metropolis Tower-of-Power, a Hermann Josef Hack project which is located above the German Reichstag in Berlin.

If you have suggestions or questions please contact Hermann Josef Hack:


Would you like to have a look at the building plan of Neurope Tower?