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 Neurope Tower
    What is it?
    Diego Marani


From productive process to language.

Or how to cause international English to implode.

Reading the satirical article in Europanto which I write regularly for the weekly magazine in Belgium, "Le Soir Illustré", many readers might think that this is a new artificial language, constructed from the major European languages with the aim of becoming a universal language. This is only partly true, however. Europanto is a mixture of words and grammatical structures borrowed from a number of different languages which anyone of average culture with a basic knowledge of English can understand. But it is not a language, nor is it intended to become one. At least not yet. Europanto is a linguistic code of conduct, a series of guidelines or "precautions" to be taken if we want to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language as ourselves without using a specific lingua franca.

  The whole story about Europanto.