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The Neuropeans art area is not only the home for artists, but also the platform for interesting art projects.

Are you interested to have your own art, art project, exhibition or art gallery listed in Neuropeans, so please feel free to send us an e-mail:

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 Neurope Tower
Join the European citizens building their NEUROPE TOWER. The NEUROPE TOWER is a media art project by ultimedia artist Hermann Josef Hack, Germany.

Latest Additions
Photography, short films, documetary and FoDo, the way of photography.

 Komninos Zervos
Komninos Zervos' Poetry is animated and interactive.
"I like the of-the-moment poetic experience, similar to live performance."
       Call me Anshelm for the time being. I am currently a student of Performance Writing at Dartington College of Arts, devon, UK, 33, male.