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Settings: Here you are able to personalise your virtual personality.
Neuroname: Give yourself a nickname.
Password: You have forgotten your password? Or you want to change your password? Do it here.
Identities: Identities are user names (including passwords) of other communities. Find out more.
Identity-Help: All about identities in
Mail-Settings: Get your personal address.
Newsletter: When is the next chat event? ... Which sites are cool? ... The Neuropeans newsletter keeps you up to date.
Chatpic: Your personal chatpic makes you a unique neuropean.
Keyword-Search: Are you looking for something special on Neuropeans? Here you can search the whole platform for your keywords.
Information: One Europe, one virtual community - it's that easy but somebody had to think of it first.
Contact: Get in contact with the Company.
Chat: To make friends all around the globe, fall in love, to argue and make peace with one another everything is possible in the Neuropeans' chat channels.
Forums: The Neuropeans forums provide space for you to publish your thoughts, questions and suggestions on various topics like film, music, politics etc.
Netcards: are the digital alternative to congratulations, invitations, thanx-cards, and whatever else you can think of.
Arts: from modern netart to tradidional oil-paintings, galleries, exhibitions, art-books: all this you will find here and much more. Try a look!
MKP2001: we need you!!! Yes you, to help create a art banners. Win €5000.-
Sports: Snowboarding is a trendy sport, which is more and more common in Europe today. Try it and be part of a crazy bunch of Snowboard-Maniacs!
Neurope-Tower: Join the European citizens building their NEUROPE TOWER. The NEUROPE TOWER is a media art project by ultimedia artist Hermann Josef Hack, Germany.
Europanto: A new European lingua franca is being created in the most natural way from the magma of multilingualism.
Jobs: Jobs all over in Europe.
Your favourite job is only a few mouse clicks away .
Artshop: Get the latest art catalogues and original art items online.
Germany: Metropolis is not only one of the leading online communities in Germany - it is more!