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  - The European community

One europe, one virtual community - it's that easy but somebody had to think of it first. Pan-european communication, topics, projects and services on one platform are no longer a vision. integrates all these features in one pioneering website. Based upon, the largest German-speaking community in the world with more than 1.000.000 registered users and its leading technology, offers new possibilities for a new European generation. Find new friends, discuss politics, search jobs, buy products and services throughout Europe. is the virtual space where the European vision comes true - with real people.

And don't forget: Neuropeans do it better.

Why Neuropeans?
Even today, there is something like a "European reality". It takes me 30 minutes to go to France, and I can do my shopping in a French supermarket. On television, I can watch the matches of the Champions League. And for years we've been enjoying the musical pleasures of the Grand Prix de l'Eurovision.

But what happens, if I want to ask my French neighbour which cheeses he can recommend before I go to the supermarché? What, if I want to give a Dane my opinion on the Copenhagen forward Brondby? Or tell this Greek lady how wonderful the Grand Prix entry of her country is? Theoretically, the Internet would be perfect for that kind of thing. But still, there are some problems: Where can I find the chat rooms to do it in? Indices? International's? And even if I was successful in my venture: my French is bad and my Danish and Greek simply non-existent.
Even though, there are plenty of French, Danish or Greek people who would like to talk to me about these topics. In English, maybe, even if the English is only rudimentary. If it works on holiday, there shouldn't be a problem in the Internet. If this pan-European target group exists already in the Internet, it will certainly be in need of further pan-European services. And exist it does, if the long endeavours of the European Community haven't been in vain.
Why not organise an international exhibition in the arts area and make the snapshots of the private view (which will virtually and really take place in the chat room) available to everyone? Why should I not be able, on such a platform, to find a job in Spain? I could discuss it with a real Spaniard in the same place.
To get back to the beginning: Ideally, this platform, on which I exchanged my cheese preferences, saves me travelling to the French supermarket. I can just order my favourite cheese online. If Europe wants to become one, it will have to become one in the Internet as well. On