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Heinestrasse 72
72762 Reutlingen
Tel: +49-7121-348-100
Fax: +49-7121-348-111

Join the Network of Neuropeans!

The Vision

one europe, one virtual community - its that easy but somebody had to think of it first. pan-european communication, topics, projects and services one one platform are not longer a vision. integrates all these features in one pioneering website. based upon, the largest german-speaking community in the world with more than 1.000.000 registered users and its leading technology, offers new possibilities for a new european generation. find new friends, discuss politics, search jobs, buy products and services throughout europe. is the virtual space where the european vision comes true - with real people. The Opportunity

be part of this european network by joining it as exclusive country partner! will serve as a feeding mechanism to your local community, since it will be displayed in within the "regions" menu. users will switch to the local language communities for a localized community experience. besides that, the network offers a unique added value to your existing community members. they'll be able to communicate throughout language barriers at their fingertips. remember: online one national community will be exclusively represented in The Implementation

do not worry - you will not have to modify your technology or anything. your local community user will register once at in order to verify that the user is a member of your community, a small script will be activated at you website. we will provide you with this script and assist you with the implementation, if necessary. after this verification process, the user will receive a unique neuropeans id number. he will be identified during further visits as a member of your community, e.g.: my username <my community>

this will also serve as an additional promotion for your community. the name of your community will be recognized as a substitute for your country. We are looking forward to welcome you in the Network of Neuropeans.